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The Process That Works

When embarking on a new project with a client, Digital Agencies follow a set process which is designed to deliver the best possible product based on their business goals, target audience, competition and numerous other factors. Overall, this is a cyclical process that enables companies to learn and evolve as they develop and monitor their site’s growth.

At 1click media we focus on the client onboarding aspect of this process: We know which steps to take once a lead is identified, and we follow it through to the design process. This is where we fit in and how we’ll help you launch a successful website.

Our process includes the following types of documentation and consulting support:

  • Client Consulting Services
  • Strategic Presentations & Documentation
  • Account Management Services
  • Discovery Session & Planning
  • Business Requirement Documents
  • Competitive Analysis & Documentation
  • Usability Analysis & Document
  • Persona Identification Documentation
  • Project Management Services
  • Site Architecture Mapping
  • Annotated Wireframes
  • Functional Specifications Documents
  • Detailed Creative Briefs

Client onboarding is absolutely critical for ensuring that the design and implementation clears an optimal path to the target audience.

The Strategy > The Goals > The User > The Framework > Overview: Client Onboarding


Agency 911: We are dedicated to helping Digital Agencies with client onboarding for their Clients. If you need quick turnaround from a reliable source, look no further.

The process that works, and how we can help:

We have optimized websites in many industries with proven results:

  • Advertising
  • Entertainment
  • Publishing
  • Retail
  • Tourism/Local Listings
  • Transportation

With over a decade of experience to our name, we have the expertise needed to guide you through any challenge and help you develop and maintain long term relationships with your clients.

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Do you have a challenge not listed in our services? We are able to perform a-la-carte services for most technology and business-based challenges.

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Building Better Websites